Family Doctors


Dr. Xuereb Anthony MD

Tabib tal-Familja

Mon – Thur 11:30, 17.30, 19:30

Fri 11.30, 17.30

Sat 11.00

Mob: 9947 0533


Dr. Pace Joe MD

Tabib tal-Familja

Thur: 10.00 and Sat: 10.15

Mob: 9942 2989




Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine


Dr. Bajada Christine

Specjalista fid-Dijabete u Medicina

Fri p.m. by appointment


Dr. Vella Sandro

Konsulent fid-Dijabete u Medicina

Fri. p.m. by appointment






Dr. Borg Eileen

Specjalista tal-Gilda

Tue. p.m. by appointment


Dr.Fiona Camenzuli

 Aesthetic Physician

Thur. p.m. by appointment



ECG / One Day Holter


Mr. Cachia Daniel

By Appointment






Mr. Ben Moussa Imed

Tabib b’ interess specjali fil-Widnejn, Imnieher u Grizmejn

Tue. p.m. by appointment


Mr. John Cutajar

ENT Specialist

Alt. Fri. by appointment


Mr. Christopher Deguara

Audiologist - Physiologist

By appointment




Gynaecologists and Obstetricians


Dr. Galea Raymond

(Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

Specjalista tan-Nisa u t-Tqala

Thur. p.m. by appointment


Dr. Gauci Grech Heidi

Specjalista tan-Nisa u t-Tqala

Alt. Monday p.m.


Dr. Mandy Colette

Doctor with Special Interest in Women’s Health

Tabiba b’Interess Specjali fis-Sahha tan-Nisa

Sat pm by appointment




Internal Medicine and Pulmonary


Dr. Farrugia Jones Cynthia

Specjalista tan-Nifs u tal-Azma

Thur p.m. by appointment




Massage Therapists


Mr. Stafrace Derek

Holistic Massage Therapy

By appointment

Call on: 79 092 053 / 21 676 294




Dr. Grima Antonella

Public Health

By appointment



Mr. Sciberras John

Specjalista tal-Awrina, Prostata u l-Funzjoni Sesswali tal-Irgiel

Wed. p.m. by appointment


Ophthalmic  (Eye Testing and Eye Problems)


Mr. Carbonaro Francis

Konsulent tal-ghajnejn b’interess specjali fil-Glawkoma

Wed. p.m. by appointment



Dr. Francis Agius

Family Practitioner and Registered Optometrist

Mon. pm. by appointment



Mr. Martin Galea

Consultant Ophthalmologist

With special interest in Paediatric Ophthalmology

Mon. pm. by appointment



Mr. Joseph Grech

Registered Optometrist (Specjalista tal-Visti tal- Ghajnejn)

Mon by appointment






Mr. Azzopardi Thomas

(Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) Specjalista tal-Għadam

Thur. a.m. by appointment


Mr. Alistair Pace

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialising in Shoulder, Elbow and Hand Surgery

(Specjalista tal-Ghadam b' Interess Specjali fir-Riglejn)

Thur. pm by appointment






Mrs. Baldacchino Sarah

Family Therapist

By appointment


Ms.Marilyn Camenzuli

Psychologist (Psikologa)

By appointment


Dr. Anthony Zahra


Tue. pm By appointment




Well Baby Clinic


Dr.Valerie Zammit

Paediatrician - Speċjalista tat-Tfal

Wed. p.m. by appointment






Mrs. Formosa Cynthia


Wed. a.m. by appointment


Mr. Gauci Silvan


Tue. and Thur. p.m. by appointment


Mr. Mathew Carabott


Mon. pm. by appointment


Mr.Portelli Cleaven


Sat pm by appointment






Mr. Formosa Geoffrey

By appointment


Mrs.Bernadette Demicholi


By appointment


Speech Therapist


Ms. Borg Jessica

Patologista tal-Lingwa Mitkellma

Sat. a.m. by appointment



Mrs. Galdes Martina

Patologista tal-Lingwa Mitkellma

Mon. p.m. by appointment






Ms. Sultana Angela

Specjalista tal-Operazzjonijiet

Thur. p.m. by appointment






Dr. Azzopardi - M Isabelle K.

(Hair wellness specialist and stress related problems)

Specjalista tax-xagħar

By appointment






Ms.Lara Sammut


By appointment


Radiographer & Midwife with special interest in ultrasound

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays